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Boveda | One Year Humidor Bag | Medium

Boveda | One Year Humidor Bag | Medium

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Medium Boveda Humidor Bag for Cigar Storage: The Medium Boveda Humidor Bag is an innovative solution for cigar storage, ensuring optimal humidity for your cigars without the need for constant monitoring. To use, simply unzip the bag, break the heat seal, and add your cigars. The preloaded 69% RH is ready to protect your cigars immediately. The bag is designed to be reusable, with only the Boveda inside expiring after a year. For maintaining optimal humidity, it's recommended to stick with 69% RH in this airtight environment to prevent mold growth. When the Boveda pack feels rock solid, it's time for a replacement. The bag's dimensions are 11" x 8", and it's made with ingredients like food-grade salt, purified water, and a food-grade thickening agent.

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