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LES FINES LAMES | Cutter LE PETIT - Compass Dominican Republic Kingwood

LES FINES LAMES | Cutter LE PETIT - Compass Dominican Republic Kingwood

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LE PETIT - Compass - Dominican Republic Kingwood

Designed in Marseille and assembled in Thiers, 100% made in France.

Sharpest cut on the market with a single blade, suitable for both right and left-handed people.

Includes a lifetime warranty that can be activated online.


The box includes your LE PETIT cutter and a lifetime warranty card with a serial number. Instructions for use are also provided.


Do I have to train for hours to use LE PETIT cigar cutter? First of all, it is suitable for right and left-handed people. 60 seconds is enough for them to master the art of the straight cut. The key is to ALWAYS place your cigar facing the Les Fines Lames logo, on the flat side of the blade. Never cut it on the other side (beveled), you will not get a straight cut.

Do you really expect me to believe a single blade is better than a double blade? Yes. Next question. We can say we have the sharpest cut currently on the market. Our product has been tested by more than 25,000 customers.

How can I get the lifetime warranty of my LE PETIT cigar cutter? Inside of the box, you'll find the lifetime warranty card. Simply scan the QR Code, follow the instructions, and take advantage of our lifetime warranty once you activate it online!


  • Material: Dominican Republic Kingwood
  • Maximum ring gauge: 70mm
  • Blade length: 65mm
  • Aperture: 23mm
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